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Selecting the Best Accessories for Your Cell Phone

Communication is essential in today’s busy world. Everywhere you turn, people are talking, texting blogging and surfing the Internet on their cell phones. With increased use, functionality and popularity, cell phone accessories were created to make toting around your portable device and staying connected 24/7 easier than ever before.

The Types of Cell Phone Accessories

When people hear the phrase, cell phone accessories, they often think of cases, covers and aesthetic additions to the cell phone. Cell phone accessories are not limited to aesthetics. There are many choices in the accessory market that prove more functional than beautiful.

For the MP3 compatible phone, there are accessories to listen to the music through your car speakers, portable speakers and charging devices that are essential due to the battery spent while listening to music. This is just one example of cell phone accessories that are more functional, common categories include batteries, Bluetooth, cases, clips, car chargers, home chargers, USB cables, car kits, mounts, wireless kits, downloads, applications and more.

How to Choose the Best Accessories

The first step in choosing the best cell phone accessories is understanding the model number of your phone. There are phone names and then there are model numbers. The Motorola Razr, for instance, is a phone name. Under that name there are many different models. The V3i offers integrated iTunes and will require an additional battery or portable charger on a regular basis. Other Razr models will not fit the same accessories as the V3i, or other Razr model numbers.

Once you know the name and model number of your cell phone, many manufacturers and online retailers will list the available accessories. Just because an accessory is available for one cell phone does not mean it will be available for every cell phone. This means researching the accessories available for a cell phone before choosing the phone may be a money saving option in the long run.

Another huge factor in choosing the accessories for your cell phone is your daily life. If you use your cell phone in the car, a car mount will increase safety. If you use your phone only occasionally, a Bluetooth earpiece may not be something you will benefit from. The idea is to ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I do with my cell phone every day?
  • Do my activities require additional battery life?
  • Am I using my cell phone to its full capacity?
  • Is the accessory cost going to be recouped in ease of use?
  • Will I use the accessory every day?

Cell phones are available all over the world; keeping people connected to each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This constant connection and the huge increases in network speeds and connectivity between the Internet and the cell phone point toward the accessory market. The more your phone can do the more accessories available to make that cell phone and your use of the cell phone, all the easier and more productive.

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The Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

The Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a New York Times best-selling book on financial knowledge by Robert Kiyosaki. Originally self-published in 1997, this book only caught the attention of a major publisher after the author has promoted it in seminar circuits. This Rich Dad Poor Dad review is a brief look at the ideas presented in the book such as financial know-how and the ability to free one’s self from running the unending rat race and working hard for money. The book gained much popularity since its release in 2001 and has been used and endorsed by financial experts and advisers. This Rich Dad Poor Dad review is spurred from this fact and the phenomenal wave of financial power it brought about that swept many countries and inspired many people. The book’s writing is simple and free from financial jargons. It is suitable reading for people from different backgrounds.

The book is largely based on Robert Kiyosaki’s life growing up in Hawaii. It started out with Kiyosaki narrating his experience as a young boy with “two dads”, both very influential to him. One is his biological dad which he refers to as his “poor dad” and the other is his bestfriend’s dad, his “rich dad”. His “poor dad” was highly educated but grappled for money all his life and died leaving behind debts to be paid while his “rich dad” never finished eighth grade but became one of the richest people in Hawaii. Both had opposing views on money and success which created confusion in Kiyosaki as a young boy since both dads at the time we’re both still starting out financially. But this made him curious and intrigued at the same time. This eventually taught him to choose for himself which views made more sense and which would work best for him.

Throughout the book, Kiyosaki compares his two dads- their financial views and principles. His poor dad was less dynamic and did not have a strong business sense. He believed in getting a good education and then a good job. His rich dad believed in empowering one’s self through financial literacy to be able to have more money and avoid the vicious cycle of waking up, going to work and paying bills. The following are the insights introduced by the rich dad and which have been instilled in Kiyosaki’s young mind from then on:

Financial skill is not taught in school but is learned at home and if parents are not financially literate, that is what is passed on to the children.Financial education is power.Exercising the mind and sharpening its knowledge on making money.Maintaining a mindset of a rich man notwithstanding financial setbacks.Not working for money but to work in order to learn and make money work to one’s advantage.Confront the fear of money by thinking and not reacting emotionally.Accounting, made simple, is an important subject to learn in order to get rich.Importance of knowing the difference between assets (which one should acquire and have more of) and liabilitiesThis Rich Dad Poor Dad review has summed up the learnings that Kiyosaki has chronicled in his book and contends that Rich Dad Poor Dad is a useful manual for people struggling to understand how money works and how it can work to their advantage and ultimately, acquire money to live a financially successful life.